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Luxury Entertainment

At Wicked Entertainment, we offer a vast selection of entertainment services that are sure to leave your guests talking for years to come.

Our team of world-class DJs will keep your guests on their feet all night long as they seamlessly mix any genre of music. Each one of our DJ’s is trained in the art of crowd-reading, and live-mixing, so you won’t have to worry about listening to some cookie-cutter pre-recorded playlist.

World Class DJ’s (world class dj’s pic and dj header pic).jpg

Expert AV technicians ensure crystal clear audio, so that every heartfelt speech can be heard, from every seat in the event. And when it’s time to dim the lights and open the dancefloor, we make sure you FEEL the music, without leaving you with a ringing in your ears.

Captivate your guests with our breath-taking 2.9 LED video wall displays that consist of anything from LED DJ booths, to full-blown backdrops and portraits, to custom visuals or live streams of your event.


Often overlooked by typical DJ’s that also do lighting, at Wicked Entertainment we understand the importance of spectacular lighting. From intelligent moving heads, to uplighting, task lighting, custom gobos, AND MORE, our lighting techs will provide unparalleled lighting that is guaranteed to transform any space into an immersive experience.

Bring your event to life with Wicked Entertainment!

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